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The Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously.​

In this Privacy Policy we explain what we do with your information., when you visit our website or join us as a SWiM-LTD member. Any information we may have about you is held with respect and never ever sold.

What information do we collect from you?

If you browse our website, we collect anonymous details, via cookies, such as the day, time and pages you visit, to help us improve our site; we use 'Google Analytics' for this. For further information about cookies and your online choices please visit ICO.

There are options on our website such as the contact form and chat facility, where you may choose to submit personal details to us, such as your email address.

If you become a SWiM-LTD member, we collect your contact details, such as name, address, telephone number, submitted by yourself via our online SWiMPortal. If you are the parent or guardian of a child swimmer, we will also collect their personal details, such as name, date of birth, medical information in relation to swimming.

Why do we collect this information?

if you browse our website, we use 'Google Analytics' to collect data about your visit to inform us how visitors use our site, and so that we can make improvements to the service we provide.


If you choose to submit personal details to us such as your email address, via the contact form or chat facility, we may add you to our mailing list, initially to respond to your enquiry, and thereafter to keep you informed about SWiM-LTD, periodically, via our email newsletters. You have the option within every newsletter to unsubscribe at any point.


If you become a SWiM-LTD member, we collect yours, and your child's, personal information to enable your booking and registration into a class, to inform teachers about yours or your child's swimming experience and any necessary medical details, prior to teaching you or your child, and for insurance purposes.


You submit your own bank account details to 'GoCardless' to pay for any initial fee and to set up your subsequent monthly fee, via Direct Debit. No payment details are retained by SWiM-LTD.

Who might we share this information with?

If you browse our website, 'Google Analytics' collects the data for our reports. These anonymous details are never shared by 'Google', except with SWiM-LTD. Read more.


Our website has been created using 'Wix'; if you submit a query via our contact form, chat facility, or if you subscribe to our mailing list, 'Wix' stores this information for us. These details are never shared by 'Wix', except with SWiM-LTD. Read more.

If you become a SWiM member, we have several third party partners who we may share your information with, for the essential running of our business:


The 'iClassPro' system facilitates SWiM-LTD with the booking process, organisation of classes, recording and monitoring of swimmer progress, and communication with swimmers with regard to class moves and cancelled classes, etc. Read more.

'GoCardless' is our payment gateway provider, and process any payments you may make to SWiM-LTD during your membership with us. Read more.

How do we protect your information?

If you browse our website, which has been created using 'Wix', industry recognised practices are employed to secure and protect any data you may subit via the site. Read more.


If you become a SWiM-LTD member, any of the personal data you may submit to us upon booking is stored only with the relevant platform, as provided by our third party partners. The data held with our third party partners is protected under industry recognised practices, to ensure as far as possible, your details are safe: 'iClassPro''GoCardless', 'Wix'.

How long do we keep hold of your information?

If you browse our website and submit your details to us via the contact form, chat facility or if you subscribe to our mailing list, we may hold your details until such time as you choose to unsubscribe, or contact us with this request.


If you become a SWiM-LTD member we keep your details throughout the term of your membership, however long that may be. Once you have given notice to leave, and at the point of your final lesson, all details stored about you are deleted, including those with our third party partners. At your specific request we may continue to hold your information if you have expressed an intention to return to us in the future.

Get in touch...
You are entitled to access the personal details we hold about you at any time. Please simply get in touch via any of our contact methods to view, correct or update the information we hold.


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