Tiddlers achieve through our SWiM1 stage.

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From age 4 months, your little one and you can work together having fun and learning skills to prepare them for solo swimming sessions.

It is hugely important to us that our skill sets are robust and each one is there to build on those before it, focusing our teachers on developing capable young swimmers with great technique!  



Each stage comprises 10 skills altogether, with the main developmental aims outlined below:


how to breathe

how to be happy on front & back

how to move

how to be safe

Celebrating achievements as they happen is crucial to continued success! This is where our SWiMPortal really makes a difference...


A SWiMStage is achieved once each skill is mastered and performed confidently every time.

Our teachers update progress on poolside, and your Tiddler's SWiMPortal shows all their current evaluations using a clear star system, enabling you and them to see how they are progressing at any point.

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